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No matter your timeline or budget, I will help find the perfect home for you. As your agent, I will be with you every step of the way; from helping you narrow your search to guiding you through the negotiation process. Want to learn more? Let's schedule some time discuss further. You will also receive a copy of my complimentary Home Buyers Guide. Click the link below!


The very first step of the home buying process is to get a pre-approval letter from a lender stating how much you can afford. I partner with several local lenders that I can put you in touch with as part of my service. A pre-approval is typically good for 90 days.


A lender will require you to submit the following documents in order to determine your pre-approval amount: 

  • Bank Statements

  • W2's or 1099's (from previous two years)

  • Recent Paystubs

  • Monthly Debt Payments (car loans, credit card statements, student loans)

  • Investment Accounts (IRA's, 401ks, investment accounts)


I know you have several options when it comes to who you work with on the purchase of your next home. I am always honored that my clients chose me to represent them on one of their biggest investments. When deciding on who to work with as your agent make sure you are working with someone who meets the following:

  • Someone you can trust - not only will your agent help you find your dream home, they will also be your biggest advocate throughout the process. 

  • Someone who has a strong understanding of the current market. 

  • Someone who communicates quickly and efficiently. Timing is everything in this market, make sure you know how your agent communicates from the beginning. 

The relationship you have with your agent is such an important one and is worth taking the time to find someone who is best suited to represent you during this exciting - but also stressful and emotional - process. 


When you are dreaming of your future home, create a needs vs wants list. This will help us to really focus on the things that are most important in your future home. Needs are the non-negotiable features; the features you simply must have in your next home. Wants are the ones you’d like to have, but you can add or change down the road. Once you have determined your price range, preferred location, and non-negotiables, I can set you up on a search directly through MLS. This will allow you to receive emails with homes that match your criteria specifically - you can see active homes currently on the market and homes that are coming soon. This will allow us to plan ahead and make sure you aren't missing out your dream home.

Buying: FAQ
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